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Saving Money with Coupon Usage: Toy Edition

With the holiday season quickly approaching, deal seekers start to mark their locations of interest. Pinning these websites and in-store locations as areas of interest, the consumer must carefully compare the pros and cons of shopping with different retailers. For example, with Toys R Us in the rearview, stores like Wal-Mart and Target now lead the brick and mortar charge. The real intrigue comes with the price comparisons between online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and other such online storefronts that offer little to no brick and mortar presence. You then must consider discounts offered by retail and department stores that extend to both in-store and online models. Kohl’s and Wal-Mart are two leaders in this category. The constant competition for business added to the buying power a consumer gains when shopping during the 4th quarter of business fuels a fighting frenzy for the lowest prices. Toys are a big grab for consumers during this period, as children often have the latest and greatest penciled in at the top of their Christmas wish lists. Below are a few locations online where you can find a study influx of coupons that can be used to tighten your budget and limit your spending during the holiday season


Groupon has steady moved themselves to the top of the discussion in terms of online couponing. Their outreach includes businesses from small to large, adding mom and pop shops to their inclusion lists to help people shop locally. A simple search for ‘toys’ on the Groupon website will bring the user near 100 different results of items offered via Groupon. This showing is listings of items that are deeply discounted off the retail price, often ranging from 50-90% off the price we see at in-store locations. While this search limits the results and doesn’t clarify any particulars, it is a promising starting point for gaining discounted options to add to your wish list. The second area of acceleration is Groupon’s ability to market towards all different avenues of business. Many retailers have business relations with Groupon, allowing users to gain online discounts from most of the major players in the retail industry. The nice part about Groupon is their ability to shed light on smaller and start-up companies. Their total inclusion allows local businesses to post offers on their site, tailoring offers to your general area. The search tools at Groupon are very advanced, allowing users to dumb their search down to keywords, types of discounts, ranges of coverage, and other such technicalities. Groupon can be used via web search and comes free for download in most application stores.


There has always been a sibling rivalry between RetailMeNot and Groupon. RetailMeNot entered the couponing world before Groupon, which helps create brand recognition for users who enjoy clipping online offers. RetailMeNot operates as a search engine, allowing users to search by item keywords, discount types, store selections, and other such inclusions. RetailMeNot also offers flash deals and coupons that sprout into their library throughout the day. It is best practice to check back with this site often to ensure you don’t miss out on limited offers. RetailMeNot also allows users to sign-up for a mailing newsletter, keeping them in-the-know about the latest coupon releases for areas of interest and stores of interest. They have partnerships with most, major online and in-store businesses, keeping their list of offers heavy and backed throughout the year.


YippieCoupons brings an easy-to-access platform to the couponing world. In terms of toy selections, YippieCoupons works directly with Kohl’s and Amazon to provide the latest and greatest in discount offers. Their platform allows the user to search offers by stores, providing tabulated store graphics that list the number of available offers at a certain time. Their received coupons are tested and verified before they reach this web-based platform, securing the offer as safe for the consumer to use. They have many additional partners working to bring exclusive offers to their platform, adding intrigue to this free web service. The consumer doesn’t have to explore the details of the coupon, as the requirements and usage types are clearly stated. Providing this information up front helps limit any confusion that can arise when attempting to understand how to claim an offer.